Frequently Asked Questions

What is One Arena?
Why should I buy my games at One Arena?
Do you sell Quest keys?
Is every game in the Summit Games also participating in One Arena?
Where can I find the overall schedule for the Winter or Summer Games?
Where can I find tournament details?
How do I register for a tournament?
Does every game listed in the press release, hype trailer and on one arena have a tournament?
There’s no tournament details yet for the games I want to participate in, what’s the deal?
Where can I find Gleam contest details?
Where do I upload screenshots of my results?
Where can I watch the tournaments or finals for the events?
Where can I watch the speaker and panel sessions?
How do I record my POV from my Oculus Quest?
I have a website problem. What should I do?
I have a question that wasn’t covered here, where should I ask it?