What is One Arena?

One Arena is the newest venture of the Virtual Athletics League, operating as both a gaming portal, and hub for all of our latest tournaments. Here, you’ll be able to purchase games while also finding information about our Winter and Summer esports events, such as tournament times, rulesets, and registration links. During the Winter Games some games will be offered at a discount.

Why should I buy my games at One Arena?

Every time you purchase a game on One Arena, you’re rewarding the awesome developers who made that game, supporting the infrastructure of a competitive esports league, and also donating money to a worthy charity!

Do you sell Quest keys?

No, not at this time, although we love the Oculus Quest 2 headset! The news on App Lab is very exciting and something we are considering. Currently Facebook says: "Our language about Oculus Keys is unclear and we are working to update." If you are a dev on App Lab please feel free to reach out on Discord!

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Is every game in the Winter Games also participating in One Arena?

No. Some games offered on our site are available through the Oculus, Sony and Steam stores. Support the developers there! A few games are also on the exciting new app labs through Oculus.

Where can I find the overall schedule for the Winter Games?

The overall schedule is coming soon.

Where can I find tournament details?

Specific tournament details can be found on the individual game pages of participating titles. If you have additional questions, come join the VAL Discord and ask there, a member of our team will be happy to help! Some games are run by the VAL team, others are run independently by the developers themselves alongside the Winter Games. For those that are run independently you can check our info pages where more info is linked.

How do I register for a tournament?

On each game page that has a corresponding tournament, there is a “Register Now” button. Select that and it will redirect you to the VALVR website where you will be prompted to create an account if you haven’t done so already. Once that’s set up, you’re free to register for any tournaments that interest you!

Does every game listed in the press release, hype trailer and on one arena have a tournament?

No not all. Many games have true competitive tournaments with traditional scoring, while other developers have elected to participate through gleam contest giveaways or other contests with awesome content creators. Some are structured more as challenges such as the fitness challenges in VRWorkout. There are also some developers that are participating by offering their titles for retail on One Arena only. Finally some apps are there for you to find more information about them such as REAKT. Last summit we ran a speakers and panels series and will do the same this time.

There’s no tournament details yet for the games I want to participate in, what’s the deal?

We’re getting those out as soon as possible, we promise! Different game studios have different timelines and needs, so details will be rolling out continually as they’re finalized. The best way to stay updated is to join the VAL Discord, and to pay attention to VAL’s social media channels, where we’ll be posting various tournament announcements and updates!

Where can I find Gleam contest details?

Any tournaments utilizing a Gleam contest will have contest details listed on their game page.

Where do I upload screenshots of my results?

For tournaments where you need to submit or upload screenshots of your results, the submissions are all handled through Gleam and Google Forms. To find the Gleam link for your tournament, go to the specific tournament page on For some developers they will handle registrations, screenshots and score verification outside of VAL.

Where can I watch the tournaments or finals for the events?

VAL’s Facebook, Twitch, YouTube.

Where can I watch the speaker and panel sessions?

Those are not yet announced. Stay tuned! Typically those are broadcast through Facebook, twitch and YouTube simultaneously.

How do I record my POV from my Oculus Quest?

You can record gameplay directly from the Oculus Home button. When you’re done, push the Oculus Home button again and select the “stop” button. The videos are then saved in the local drive on your Oculus Quest, and you can export them with a data transfer link. For some contests that require video recording check the specific rulesets.

I have a website problem. What should I do?

There is a channel in the discord called “website help”. You can also email Support emails and discord requests are checked during normal US business hours.

I have a question that wasn’t covered here, where should I ask it?

The VAL Discord is the best place to ask questions, since members of our team, representatives from game studios, and various community managers will all be there to help!