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Extra Life

Every Purchase Supports Extra Life

Video games are an escape. They transport us to far away lands, and allow us to experience things we could never do in the real world. They enable us to be secret agents, to rescue the princess, and to save the world from imminent destruction.

Video games turn us into heroes.

But what if we were able to capture that heroic spirit, and take it outside of the virtual world?

We may not be fighting off alien invasions or zombie hordes, but there are plenty of people in our own world who could use a hero right now.

That’s why One Arena has partnered with Extra Life, an incredible charity which harnesses the power of gaming to raise money for children’s hospitals throughout the United States and Canada. During the Winter Games, 10% of every purchase made on One Arena will go directly to Extra Life, helping to ensure that children’s hospitals have the funding they need to deal with the current COVID-19 crisis.

So if you find yourself fighting off the urge to purchase a handful of games, simply remind yourself, “it’s for the kids”, and give it a go. Let’s help add to the $70 million that Extra Life has raised so far, and play some great games along the way.

Sounds pretty heroic to us.