Township Tale

Township Tale

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Township Tale

Alta Reality
February 26, 2022
April 10, 2022
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Event Rules

Players are encouraged to join the A Township Tale Discord and the VAL Discord to stay up to date on communications regarding this Township Tale event and the Winter Games.

Signup and submit through:

Rules Summary

  • This Township Tale “Snap” competition will require players to travel to unique locations in-game, and take pictures (copying the target images below) using the in-game camera or Oculus screenshots. 
  • Scoring will be as follows:
  • The winning player must submit at least 5 screenshots, but additional points will be rewarded to players who submit all ten. 
  • Extra points will be given for creativity, such as taking in-game selfies or adding other creative in-game elements to the pictures. 
  • One point will be awarded per photo submitted, while “style” points will be awarded at the discretion of VAL admins.
  • All photos must remain family-friendly.
  • By submitting to this contest, you consent to having these photos potentially used on VAL and A Township Tale social media sites and marketing materials. 
  • To submit, fill out this Google form: Township Tale Submission Form. In the form, include a SHARED link to your photo album (via Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.). Ensure that the link is available for anyone with the link to view, in order for VAL admin to properly score your submission.
  • Submission must contain a SHARED link set for anyone to view, we will not be able to grade your submission without the link shared properly.
  • One entry per person. 
  • Multiple photos of each location are prohibited.
  • All images must be taken directly from in-game.


1) Target – Training grounds

2) Chest in the mines

3) Tutorial wood island  

4) Blacksmith anvil

5) Crystal caves with wyrm

6) Hidden chest In the dust bowl

7) Televator

8) Cliffs

9) Inside customization house

10) Dice stack - Overlooking Town Hall

General Guidelines and Rules:
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Gleam Rules

We’ve teamed up with a number of creators to create an exciting contest for Township Tale players! Players will be awarded entries based on certain actions taken both in and out of the game. For a full list of actions, make sure to click on the Township Tale Gleam contest.

General Guidelines and Rules:
Terms & Service | Payment Dates / Deadlines | Code of Conduct

Band together with your friends to explore a forgotten world filled with adventure, danger, and ancient secrets. Discover an abandoned town that you will turn into a sanctuary in this wild, untamed land. Become blacksmiths, warriors, miners, and woodcutters as you build up your town and gear and prepare for your next adventure!

Journey across a vast medieval world filled with mysteries and ancient secrets. Claim your role in town. Will you be a Warrior? A Blacksmith? A Crafter? Each is a key part of a thriving town, and governs how you level up and progress.

Explore dark caves, where terrible monsters and great treasures await. The deeper you delve, the nastier the monsters.

But where else could unclaimed fortunes lie? Will your story become legend, or will you end in tragedy?

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