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For YUR.fit: Fitness tracking across any VR game. Customize your in-game widget to display all of your workout data while you play. Are you ready to level up your fitness?

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Signup through: VALVR.com


This is a multi-studio effort amongst a number of games

Participants will receive points based on their activity levels

The more active a participant, the more points they’ll accumulate

Points will be put forward to individual Gleam contests connected to specific games, for prizes as determined by participating titles

Contestants can take part in this event in two ways:

1. ) who wish to take part in this will need to download and connect the YUR Fitness App in order to participate. This will allow for proper tracking of statistics and has many advantages.

How to participate:

First download the YUR Mobile App and login / create an account:

- Android

Next, go to the Challenges tab and join the VAL challenges for the games you are participating in.

  • Use PC for steam
  • Track with a wearable
  • Use the in game watch for games that have YUR integrated like Synth Riders

2.) For all games participating you can take a screenshot of any active part of the game that is your own activity (can be anything, but must be your own screenshot and not taken from the internet) and submit that on gleam for more points! 

Players who complete the most workouts or fitness challenges, or do well on the YUR Fitness Challenge leaderboards, can earn points and extra chances at the giveaways.  For example, VAL is working with YUR, the complete cross-platform fitness tracker to enable users to gamify their fitness during the Summer Games across various titles that have implemented the YUR watch or via wearable. 

Additionally, for those who need a little extra fitness inspiration VAL is working with popular VR content creators like Naysy and Soul Fox Gaming to showcase their workout routines and tips in several games. Participating titles include:

  • Synth Riders
  • Player 22
  • Blaston
  • Vzfit
  • In Da Hoop
  • VR Workout
  • Gym Masters

For any general guidelines and rules please feel free to review the following link:
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