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VR Skater is a highly immersive street skateboarding game. It's a finely tuned mix between arcade and simulation. It's easy to learn, but hard to master. Skate through a wide variety of urban environments. Shred through the streets, take on challenges or chase high scores with complex trick combinations.

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Event Start Date

Sept 12

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Total Prize Pool

Game Keys for influencer community

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Event Rules

Beat The VR Skater Devs Challenge

A select few content creators will be invited to challenge the developers in a livestream.

September 12

7pm UTC: KroyVR | Twitch 

8pm UTC: Tech Man Ju | YouTube


The competition takes place in "Run" mode.The challenger chooses the map and has two runs . The dev has only one run. The running order is challenger, dev, challenger.

The competition takes place in "Run" mode. The content creator competes against the developer in 3 rounds in different maps. "Neighborhood, "Middle School" and "Construction." The Content Creator can win 3 keys per map for his followers. The Challenger has 2 runs per round and the Developer only 1 run. If the developer has less points than the challenger in his first run, the third run is cancelled and the challenger has won.

  • 3 rounds in 3 different maps
  • 1. Neighborhood 2.Middle School 3.Construction
  • The challenger has 2 runs per round
  • Dev has only 1 run per round
  • Best run score wins
  • Running order is: challenger, dev, challenger
  • 45 minutes maximum total time of the competition


If the content creator beats the developer in a round, he wins 3 keys for his followers. In total he can win 9 keys.

Confirmed influencers include:

Tech Man Ju


Participation is closed to the general public. However, followers of the channels for the competing influencers will be considered on a criteria as determined by the individual influencer. Furthermore, there is no restriction on creating individual content and sharing online or in the Discord, and is in fact encouraged.

This is a developer run tournament. VAL is not responsible for prize pool delivery. Check here and on developer socials for updates.