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Welcome to Vertical Shift, a new E-Sport for Virtual Reality. Put on your Zenith Suit and fly through dense cityscapes using grappling hooks, jetpacks, and wings. The game features hand-crafted maps that emphasize the unique variety of movement mechanics.Vertical Shift’s multiplayer game modes include Freeze Tag, Hotseat, Infection, and Race. We aim to create a new and engaging experience that will keep players coming back to play with their friends.The Vertical Shift Alpha is available now for playtesting!

Event Details

Event Start Date


Event End Date


Total Prize Pool


Prize Pool Details

1st place: $180

2nd place: $90

3rd place: $30

Event Rules

Score Submission

  • All scores will be verified using public leaderboards.  Screenshots may be required.

Tie Breaker Rules

  • No tiebreakers rules for PvP.  In the event of a tie for mini games, Vertical Shift League may ask for extra submissions.

Competitive Rules

  • Before participating in the event, players must provide their in-game name (IGN), and the platform they will be competing from (Oculus, Steam, etc.)
  • Each game requires a team to win 10 rounds or have the most rounds after 10 minutes of play.
  • Teams will face off in a Best of 3, where to win a team needs to win 2 out of 3 games.
  • All games are to be played on Tag HQ.
  • All players must remove in game headpieces (i.e. pumpkins) while playing
  • If a player disconnects during a game, the team may continue the game with only one or two players OR may contact the TO at any point to forfeit that game. If the player disconnects then they are not allowed to return to that game but may return for any following game.
  • Strategies such as Puppy Guarding and Tunnel Hoarding are allowed.
  • Teams are required to adjust their setting so that they are unable to hear the opposing team members. Players may communicate via Discord or a voice chat of their choice as long as the opposing team can not be heard.
  • Players are not allowed to abuse map exploits. If it is found that a player is purposely exploiting map glitches this will result in a forfeit of that game for the team. Glitches include, but are not limited to, the following:
  •     o Moving outside of the play map
  •     o Other Physical exploits of the map
  • Vertical Shift League holds the right to require a name change if the Player/Team name is deemed inappropriate

Regarding Queuing

  • Team captains should keep a watch of the discord and are in charge of coordinating their team to promptly arrive at their match
  • Team captains or a team representative must check in within 15 min of their matches being called
  • To properly check in the Team Captain or team representative should DM the Head TO (Hue#9471) in Discord
  • Matches will be called within the # tournament announcement channel in the Vertical Shift discord with their team captains pinged
  • Failure to have the Team captain or a team member check in will result in the entire team forfeiting the entire set

General Rules

  • Players may compete with ANY Steam or Oculus supported headset
  • Please see your relevant storefront to ensure your machine meets the minimum hardware requirements for Vertical Shift
  • Using glitches, exploits, and other methods such as pause abusing, may result in disqualification
  • Vertical Shift League reserves all rights to ask for photo, video, screenshot or other proof of scores before winners are determined at home as well as implement any other anti-cheat methods. Recording your mini game results via video and/or screenshots is thus highly recommended, however not mandatory (except in the brackets which will be mandatory)
  • No game modifiers
  • As a potential requirement notice to both players and if Vertical Shift League issues video recording rules, or requires it of competitors who place, then all videos must display both the player as well as the screen showing the FPV of the game Vertical Shift

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