Until You Fall

Until You Fall

Schell Games

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Battle, gather currency, and forge new weapons to grow stronger in this hack-and-slash rogue-lite. From the team behind ‘I Expect You To Die,’ this game will put your melee combat skills to the test.

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4 Quest 2 Contests

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4 Quest 2 Giveaways!

This is a simple gleam contest for each of the 4 weeks.


Every week watch on YouTube and TikTok for the respective content creators to issue their Until You Fall Trials.

Those trials and specific challenges may change depending on each creator.  In general they may issue challenges of several varieties.  These may be straightforward “play on this difficulty with this weapon set” OR something like “do a 360 every time you slay an enemy”.  It's up to them!

For example, a trial may look like this: submitting a screenshot of yourself playing Until You Fall will earn more points than social actions in gleam and submitting a video of yourself playing Until You Fall will earn the most points in gleam.


VAL will verify winner screenshots and winner video submissions through gleam for those who are drawn as the winner on Gleam to verify authenticity of actual Until You Fall gameplay.

Video submissions may be used later for highlights by VAL on social.

No voting on submissions, simply submit either a screenshot or a video to increase your chances to win + the gleam action.

Special Guest Content Creator for Week 4.

Stay tuned for each content creator’s trial!


Helpful Background info

There are 4 difficulty modes in Until You Fall: Relaxed, Challenging, Relentless, and Nightmare.

Easy Weapons

  • Ritual Dagger and Keenblade
  • Ritual Dagger and Arming Sword
  • Ritual Dagger and High Arcanist's Blade
  • Duelist's Edge + Any Dagger


  • Ritual Dagger and Heartsplitter
  • High Arcanist's Blade and Heartsplitter
  • Mistcutter and Knight-blooded Aegis
  • Heartsplitter and Duelist's Edge
  • Mistcutter and Heartsplitter


  • Heartsplitter and Vestal's Wrath
  • Gemini Stranded and Heartsplitter
  • Gemini Esper and Mistcutter
  • Vestal's Wrath and Spellsword's Charm
  • Arming Sword and Mistcutter
  • Gemini Stranded and Gemini Esper

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