Terje Haakonsen's Powder VR

Terje Haakonsen's Powder VR


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Master the mountain from 14,000 ft in this extreme winter sports VR game. Ski, snowboard and wingsuit through ice and snow at crushing velocity. Race the clock and dominate the terrain with speed and skill.

Event Details

Event Start Date


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Total Prize Pool


Prize Pool Details

1st place: $250

2nd place: $150

3rd place: $100

Event Rules


Two slopestyle courses: VAL 2021 Qualifier and VAL 2021 Finals will replace the superpipe and doublepipe courses in the Kastle Ridge exploration mode. To reach the course, you must have earned at least 6 medals in the game and have Kastle Ridge unlocked.

Qualifying Round

02/27 - 03/12

  1. Sign up at the Virtual Athletics League.
  2. Start your recording at the Title Screen / Lodge to show your avatar and loadout.
  3. To play the qualifying round, go to Explore > Kastle Ridge > VAL 2021 Qualifier.
  4. Starting at the first whistle, you must time yourself as you will have 5 minutes to perform as many runs as you would like.
  5. Scoring will stop at the end of 5 minutes and you will be judged on the point total of your single best run within that time.
  6. Each qualifying run begins at the whistle and ends by crossing the finish, bailing, crashing, or reaching the time limit.
  7. Upload your unedited footage to YouTube as an unlisted video.
  8. Fill out the submission form between 2/27 and 3/12.

Final Round

03/13 - 03/20

  • The 12 top scoring Players from the qualifying round will be chosen to compete in the final round.
  • An invitation and a link to the finals submission form will be emailed to all 12 finalists on 3/13.
  • Those players will record another video to submit on the VAL 2021 Finals course.
  • Same 5 minute time limit and rules apply.
  • Final videos must be submitted by 3/20 at the latest.

Tournament Details

  • Any snowboard or skis are allowed. However, boostpacks and wingsuits are not allowed and subject to DQ.
  • Invincibility is also not allowed and subject to DQ.
  • Bugs and exploits will be judged on a case-by-case basis and may be cause for DQ.
  • One qualifying submission per player.
  • By entering, you agree to allow us to use any recordings of your runs and submitted info for promotional or other purposes.
  • For more information, please join our Discord.