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Star Shaman


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Become a STAR SHAMAN and embark on an epic adventure to bring the funk of life back into a universe whose existence has been depleted to boring cubes by the Architects of Entropy. Travel through enchanting, futuristic galaxies to funky french-touch music.

Event Details

Event Start Date


Event End Date


Total Prize Pool

$1000 + Quest 2 Contest

Prize Pool Details

Prize Pool Breakdown - USD

Time trial

  • 1st place: $250
  • 2nd place: $150
  • 3rd place: $100

Random draw

  • Enter Gleam contest for 5 $100 giveaways for a total of $500.


$500 random draw + Quest 2 giveaway

Event Rules

Start Date: 

Qualifiers: 3/05/21-3/14/21

Finals: 3/18/21

Gleam contest: Will run from 3/13/21-3/18/21


  • Qualifiers will be run under the current Star Shaman system with players able to accumulate power ups.
  • VAL will manually verify times from first orb pull to last orb pull punch.
  • The qualifiers end March 14th.


  • Finals will run under a new system. This is an in-game timer that must be turned on under “options” in the main menu before starting a NEW GAME. The timer only tracks uninterrupted runs (it’s not stored when you save&quit)
  • The new system equalizes loadouts and introduces a new in game timer that can be used for official speed run tracking.
  • For this contest, players are expected to play in Classic mode, so they start over from the beginning when dying. Number of deaths are unlimited.
  • Players should expect that their final footage will be broadcast and casted over. Players should also expect to be part of a scheduling chat with VAL admins.

Gleam Contest

The Gleam contest is separate.  Players may submit their speed runs for additional points in gleam, however the gleam contest may be entered without participating in qualifiers.

Score Submission:

Please submit YouTube links of runs here

  • Qualifiers will require participants to record their run and post to YouTube as an unlisted video. The link to said video will then be submitted to the tournament organizers via a Google Form for verification.
  • The fastest three times will be chosen to compete in the finals. Times will be determined on the basis of first orb pull to last orb punch.
  • Finals TBD

Tie Breaker Rules:

  • In the highly unlikely event of a tie for Star Shaman, VAL will resort to a ten minute “sudden death” where the participant furthest along in their run by the expiration of the timer will be declared the winner.

Competitive Rules:

  • Before participating in the event, players must provide their in-game name (IGN), and the platform they will be competing from (Oculus, Steam, etc.)
  • VAL may determine extra rules for software problems, etc during PvP matches.
  • Mini-game submissions tries are unlimited during the time period.  All submission times end at midnight PST on the final day of submissions.
  • Players may compete with ANY Steam or Oculus supported headset.
  • Please see your relevant storefront to ensure your machine meets the minimum hardware requirements for Star Shaman
  • Using glitches, exploits, and other methods such as pause abusing, may result in disqualification.
  • VAL reserves all rights to ask for photo, video, screenshot or other proof of scores before winners are determined at home as well as implement any other anti-cheat methods. Recording your mini game results via video and/or screenshots is thus highly recommended, however not mandatory (except in the brackets which will be mandatory)
  • No game modifiers.
  • As a potential requirement notice to both players and if VAL issues video recording rules, or requires it of competitors who place, then all videos must display both the player as well as the screen showing the FPV of the game Star Shaman

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