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Combining survival horror and wave shooting, Propagation VR will get your adrenaline pumping as you try to survive a zombie apocalypse. Armed only with your guns and your fists, fight off terrifying zombies and other multi-species mutants. Will you get out alive?

Event Details

Event Start Date


Event End Date


Total Prize Pool

$500 + Quest 2 Contest

Prize Pool Details

1st team = $250
2nd team = $150
3rd team = $100

Event Rules

High Score Tournament

2/25/2021 - 2/28/2021

Submit your high score here

Winners are determined by high score.

Play the 1st level with a friend (must be played on the co-op version). Both players must take a screenshot of their final scores.

Players may play on any difficulty they would like to achieve a high score, however playing on increased difficulty such as nightmare or impossible earns more points in game.

The two winners players split the respective prize pools (for example the winning team’s players would take home $125 each).

Winners and Verification for Gleam

No need to register on for this portion - gleam is all that is needed for a chance to win.

Winner will be drawn and notified according to the gleam rules.

Enter the Gleam Contest for a chance to win a Quest 2 here:

Score Submission

Gleam for social contests.

Screenshot submission for high score portion.

Submit scores using this form:

If players achieve abnormal or unexpected scores, VAL may require video submissions to verify high score achievement.

Competitive Rules

Before participating in the event, players must provide their in-game name (IGN), and the platform they will be competing from (Oculus, Steam, etc.)

VAL will verify winner screenshots and winner video submissions through gleam for those who are drawn as the winner on Gleam to verify authenticity of actual Propagation VR gameplay if screenshots or video submissions are included on gleam.

Any Video type submissions may be used later for highlights by VAL on social.

Please see your relevant storefront to ensure your machine meets the minimum hardware requirements for Propagation VR

Using glitches, exploits, and other methods such as pause abusing, may result in disqualification.

In the event of a tie, VAL may require additional levels or other sudden death rules.

Full VAL Player code of conduct, exploits, and player rules here