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Inspired by God-mode action movies like John Wick and Equilibrium, Pistol Whip puts you gun-first through an explosive batch of hand-crafted action scenes each set to their own pulse-pounding soundtrack. But unlike traditional music games, Pistol Whip has no line in the sand; you have complete freedom to shoot, melee, and dodge targets to the rhythm YOU see fit.

Event Details

Event Start Date


Event End Date


Total Prize Pool

2 Quest 2 Contests

Prize Pool Details

Two (2) Oculus Quest 2’s

Event Rules

Gleam Link : https://gleam.io/pcZvF/pistol-whip-winter-games-contest

Start Date: 

1st challenge: 

3/4/2021 - 3/10/2021

Details for challenge TBA on VAL and Cloudhead discord and on this event page

3/10/2021: Last day of the 1st challenge! 

3/11/2021 - 3/17/2021

Details for challenge TBA on VAL and Cloudhead discord and on this event page.

3/17/2021 - Last day of the challenge! Get all final screenshots and gleam entries in by this point!

Hey there action heroes we have partnered with Pistol Whip to bring you a fitness-focused contest with two Quest 2’s up for grabs. Defeat the Featured Challenge from March 4 to March 10 and from March 11 to 17th and submit a screenshot or video of your score or show us your best John Wick pose for more chances to win! 

Every week watch on YouTube and TikTok for LSToast to issue the Pistol Whip challenges.  Stay tuned on the VAL and Cloudhead discords as well.

The most points will be for those who submit screenshots and video of actual gameplay OR simply your best John Wick Pose! 

VAL will verify winner screenshots and winner video submissions through gleam for those who are drawn as the winner on Gleam to verify authenticity of actual Pistol Whip gameplay.  If you are on PSVR do the stated Scene, Difficulty, and Modifiers.

Video submissions may be used later for highlights by VAL on social.

John Wick poses not required to be in VR! Any John Wick selfie or pose will do.

Please note - simply playing the challenges will not automatically enter players for a chance to win the Quest 2’s. Players must enter on gleam as well.

General Guidelines Code of Conduct, Cheating, Exploit policy, payouts and other details