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Heart-pounding thrills in majestic locales… Concerted mayhem and lawless mischief… Welcome to the Tern system.

Choose from 8 different Specialists each with unique weapons and skills to compete in thrilling 6v6 matches. Game modes include territories-style Refuel, capture-the-flag-style Uplink and classic team Deathmatch across 4 different maps. Advance your characters through a deep progression system and cosmetic upgrades.

Event Details

Event Start Date

Aug 21

Event End Date

Sep 12

Total Prize Pool

Game Keys

Prize Pool Details

Random draw contest conducted through Gleam

Will run the length of the entire Summer Games, check out the contest at

Event Rules

We’ve teamed up with a number of creators to create an exciting contest for Larcenauts players! Players will be awarded entries based on certain actions taken both in and out of the game as For a full list of actions, make sure to click on the Larcenauts Gleam contest at

For any general guidelines and rules please feel free to review the following link:
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