Gym Masters

Gym Masters

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Welcome to GYM CITY, the mecca of fitness, where every citizens’ focus is health, fitness and, most importantly, self-improvement.

Each inhabitant is a whole different person, but there is something everyone has in common – the ambition to build the most admirable club on the planet, and sharing it with their friends.

Every citizen wants to prove their skill and capacity.

Event Details

Event Start Date

Sept 6th

Event End Date

Sept 11th

Total Prize Pool


Prize Pool Details

1st place: $250

2nd place: $150

3rd place: $50

4th place: $50

All participants will receive a special object to place in their gym when Gym Masters full release launches.

Event Rules

Players must register for Gym Masters at to be eligible.

Participants will have to purchase the exclusive Gym Masters x VAL edition.


The goal is to complete all three challenges that are found in the arcade machines and achieve the highest score, three challenges combined.

The challenges will be the following:

  • Challenge nº1: Rock Fighter. Punch soda cans and dodge pizza boxes coming out of a Mustang’s boot.
  • Challenge nº2. Condorbot Attack. Charge energy balls by doing jumping jacks to destroy Condor’s drones.
  • Challenge nº3. Ball to the Wall. Pull the lever to hit the rocks on the wall with the matching color ball.
  • In-game challenge will be live September 6th - September 11th
  • Winners will be chosen at the end of September.
  • Live scores and ranking might be provided in-game (TBD)


  • Players will receive a score after completing each challenge.
  • The scores of each challenge will be combined.
  • The player with the most total combined points will win.
  • Live in-game leaderboard/ranking (TBD). This means players must be ready to keep track of their progress.


  • Scores must be submitted in this link. Together with email and a validating screenshot.


  • Winners will be announced at the end of September (exact date TBD).
  • Winners will be notified via email.


  • Players must download the exclusive Gym Masters x VAL app on *platforms TBD. NOT THE APPLAB DEMO.
  • Players must submit their score, email and a screenshot of their total score to this link.
  • Cheating is not tolerated and will result in disqualification.
  • An individual can only win one of the five prizes. 
  • Winners will be notified via email.
This is a developer run tournament. VAL is not responsible for prize pool delivery. Check here and on developer socials for updates.