Groove Gunner

Groove Gunner

BitCutter Studios Inc.

Get Into The Action

Groove Gunner is the ultimate VR rhythm game where you switch between shooting and blocking approaching targets and bullets. There are a variety of musical genres, each song features hand crafted sequences, matching light shows, and multiple difficulty levels.

Event Details

Event Start Date


Event End Date


Total Prize Pool


Prize Pool Details

1st $250

2nd $150

3rd $100

Event Rules

Qualifiers: February 20 - March 7

3 songs on Sharpshooter difficulty.  Top 5 combined scores advance to finals.  Players may play qualifier songs at any time during the qualifier period, with no limit to the number of attempts.   Only a players’ best scores need to be submitted.

Qualifier Screenshot Submissions:

Finals: March 11 - March 13

3 songs on Sharpshooter difficulty. Top combined scores determine placement.

All songs in both qualifiers and finals must be played on Normal Mode (no Practice Mode submissions).

Stage settings (advanced) must all be set to defaults for finals.

All other settings can be changed.

Groove Cam enabled is recommended for video recordings for a better streaming or recording experience but is not mandatory.



Every Hour Kills - Numlock

Hellbilly Heartthrob - Pup-a-saur

Thomas Geelens - Blue Eyes, Blond Hair


Lords of the Trident - Burn It Down (With Fire)

Audiostrobelight - Shallow Water

CELESTIVL - Blasphemous

Score Submission

  • Screenshots are required to participate in both the qualifiers
  • Screenshots MUST be post-round, not career best.
  • Finals will be an arranged (pre-recorded) event.  

Competitive Rules

All submission times end at midnight PST on the final day of submissions.

Simple leaderboard verification through in game leaderboards.

Using glitches, exploits, and other methods such as pause abusing may result in disqualification.

No external tools or modifications to the game are permitted.

VAL reserves the right to introduce video recording rules, or require it of competitors who place, along with requirements for in-game camera settings.

Rules subject to change

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