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Game night is back like never before! Take your pick from over seven alleys (Atlantis, 90’s hall, the Moon, Tiki Island, and more!) and have a blast with friends and family in an experience like no other in VR. Bowl solo or invite a crew to join in an immersive landscape complete with unique soundtrack and fun easter eggs. Enjoy casual competition or join the tournament ranks unlocking over 100 collectable balls, each with its own unique throwing style and just a little bit of spice.

Whether you just want to bowl with a few friends, throw down with a full-on tournament or just hang out on the moon, ForeVR Bowl is the best bowling simulator on Earth.

Event Details

Event Start Date

Sept 1st

Event End Date

Sept 12th

Total Prize Pool


Prize Pool Details

1st place: $350
2nd place: $200
3rd place: $150
4th place: $100
5th place: $75
6th place: $60
7th place: $40
8th place: $25

Event Rules


Registration cutoff August 29th

Brackets released on August 30th

Qualifying Tournament end date: September 8th

Open Qualifying Tournament
90’s Hall Map (Default Oil Pattern)
Double Elimination Bracket (Random Seeding)
August 31st - September 8th

Double Elimination 

Championship - Brooklyn Map (Default Oil Pattern)
September 12th

Top 8 Elite players will compete at once with the new physics mode involving tournament updates. The top 8 players will be the seeded based on the results of the qualifying tournament. 

3rd place matches, etc will be played.

All matches until the final round of 8 are best of 3.

Finals will have different TBA video recordings.  In general players should expect that the finals will be shown publicly. 

Players must signup on to register for the tournament

Brackets will be later conducted through challonge:

Competitive Rules

  • Matches will be asynchronous through the qualifying tournament.
  • Bracket seeding will be determined by tournament organizers.
  • Guardian boundaries cannot extend beyond 12 feet
  • Players are expected to stand in a singular, floor-levelled position during their tournament
  • Only pro-mode balls will be playable in the tournament. Any use of alternative bowling balls (including but not limited to arcade balls, power shots, and fast balls) will be disqualified from the match
  • Oil Patterns on each map must be set to the default pattern. Any use of alternative oil patterns on the tournament map will be disqualified from the match
  • Players will organize matches with opponent(s) through the ForeVR Discord server. Only messages officially sent through the ForeVR discord will be official for tournament registration purposes in the case of forfeits or tardiness.
  • Players must report results of their matches via challonge.  Screenshots and recordings are highly recommended.   VAL may provide a Google form link for screenshots at a later date in the VAL Discord. Disputed matches are up to TO’s to determine final calls.
  • We encourage using additional methods such as Facebook contact your opponent, but only Discord messages will count and be official in case of disputes where the opponent does not show up. The opponent not showing up will result in a forfeit. VAL reserves the right to decide the forfeiting party.
  • In the event of a tie, players will play a tiebreaker match and provide a short video recording.
  • VAL may determine extra rules for software problems, etc during PvP matches.
  • Using glitches, exploits, and other methods of cheating will result in disqualification. This does not apply to trickshots that would work in real life.
  • All players must be on the latest version of the software.
  • VAL reserves all rights to ask for photo, video, screenshot or other proof of scores before winners are determined at home as well as implement any other anti-cheat methods. 
  • Players should prepare for tech tests with VAL admins to verify home setups in the finals.
  • Rules subject to change. 

For any general guidelines and rules please feel free to review the following link:
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