Eternal Starlight

Eternal Starlight

White Noise Games

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Eternal Starlight features 17 capital class vessels each with their own unique capabilities. Positioning them and using their abilities strategically will be key to defeating the foes you will face. You'll also have to deal with asteroids, rifts, mine fields and other space hazards.

The game has an intuitive locomotion system that lets you move through space by grabbing it and moving it around you. Zooming in and out is possible using a pinch or pull gesture with both hands. It's very comfortable and flexible allowing you to play seated, standing or in full room scale.

Event Details

Event Start Date


Event End Date


Total Prize Pool

$100, Gift Keys

Prize Pool Details

Event Rules

Random draw contest conducted through Gleam.

Players will be awarded points based on certain actions taken both in and out of the game as promoted by influencers. Out of game actions will include:

  • Joining a Discord server
  • Leaving a review (Steam or Oculus)

In game actions will include:

  • Surviving the first space station assault
  • Surviving the second space station assault 
  • Complete the final mission
  • Completing any of the race specific storyline missions: The Path, Pirate Trouble, or The Grethon Conflict
  • Saving Dr. Chin-Chin

Players must provide screenshot submissions of in-game actions for consideration. Overall points per action will be determined soon.