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Patience. Precision. Focus. These are the traits of a ninja. You will need them all to pass the Trial of the Disc!

Win tournaments in all provinces and prove that you are the best ninja in all of Japan.

Your task will be difficult. Your path will lead through high mountains, treacherous valleys, and beautiful palaces. Reach the Golden Dragon with as few throws as possible. The challenge awaits!

Disc Ninja is a Virtual Reality disc golf game in which the player must throw his flying disc until he reaches the final target. Players complete a hole by throwing a disc from a tee area toward a target, throwing again from the landing position of the disc until the target is reached. The goal is to reach the target in as few throws as possible. The game combines realistic physics with beautiful, stylized graphics.

Event Details

Event Start Date

Event End Date

Total Prize Pool

Prize Pool Details

15 Game Keys

(15 individual game key winners)

Event Rules

Gleam contest

Prizes will be awarded by random draw through a Gleam contest. Various actions, both in and out of game, will contribute to the total points for each participant, and some actions will reward more points than others.

Some actions outside of the game include

  • Leaving a review for the game (Oculus/Steam)
  • Wishlisting the game (Oculus/Steam)

In game actions include

  • Speed run time submissions
  • 3-star map completion
  • Trick shot videos
  • Sharing personal game footage on social media

Players must provide screenshot submissions of in-game actions for consideration. Overall points per action will be determined soon.


Videos will be going live on Tuesday 9/07/21 from the following creators:

SoulFox gaming

Gamertag VR


Beardo Benjo

For any general guidelines and rules please feel free to review the following link:

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