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Experience the ultimate dance workout on Oculus Quest.

Enter a futuristic world where dancers battle in secret underground competitions. Take on 9 characters from around the globe. They’re going to throw down some crazy dance moves so be ready! Harness all your power to rise to the top of the leaderboards. With 45 songs by f-777 and custom songs to master, it’s now time to level up.

Event Details

Event Start Date


Event End Date


Total Prize Pool


Prize Pool Details

1st place: $150 USD - Amazon Gift Card

2nd place: $100 USD - Amazon Gift Card

3rd place: $50 USD - Amazon Gift Card

Event Rules


Encourage participants to play Dance Collider competitively and sign up to our discord server while competing for top scores to win prizes.

Gameplay Requirements

Two Dance Collider levels have been pre-determined for this tournament;

The selected songs for this tournament are:
DRE - Undercover - PRO
REMI - Dusk - PRO

All songs must be played with NO FAIL mode turned off and on PRO difficulty.

Participation Rules

Participants must register for the tournament.

Participant’s VAL account name must match the username shown on Dance Collider’s global leaderboards.

Participants must post a photo or video of scores to our Dance Collider discord server. This is accessed via:

Participants must play the two songs stated in part <2/a/1> with NO FAIL mode turned OFF and on PRO difficulty(No Fail mode can be found under the ‘Options’ menu.)

Participants must play each song on the stated difficulty in part <2/a/2>.

Participant’s total score will be calculated by adding the highest score received on each song and level mentioned in part <2/a> by the tournament deadline, and the participants with the highest total tournament score will be declared the winners.

In the case of a tie of total tournament scores, participants will play the additional following level for a tiebreaker: TBD

Maintaining screenshots as proof is required.

Songs must be played within the tournament dates.

Only scores appearing on the global leaderboards will be considered for this tournament.

Participants must complete all requirements in Part <2/a> by the Tournament Deadline: Will run through Sept 4-5

Participants may attempt the levels as many times as they desire to gain the highest scores possible before the tournament deadline.

The winners will be announced on the Dance Collider discord server,

Winners have 24 hours from that time to claim their prize by contacting Dance Collider’s developer, Tim at 

Gift Card will be sent to the winner within 30 days of the tournament end date.

Participants can join the tournament on any headset and platform that currently supports Dance Collider.

Any attempts in using exploits, glitches, or other methods such as pause abusing will result in disqualification.

Dance Collider reserves the right to ask for photo, video, screenshots, or other proof of scores before winners are determined. Therefore, recording your gameplay and results is highly recommended, but is not required.

This is a developer run tournament. VAL is not responsible for prize pool delivery. Check here and on developer socials for updates.