Cave Digger 2

Cave Digger 2


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Cave Digger 2: Dig Harder is a multiplayer VR game, developed and published by VRKiwi.  It’s A VR adventure game taking place in an alternative, weird west dieselpunk world.

Gather your party up to 4 players, to create a hard-working team of miners! Discover the lost pages of a comic book, which follow the story of Clayton Lee Jackson III, a legendary adventurer who arrived in the New Frontier before you. You are a penniless but adventurous prospector in the wild northern region known only as “The New Frontier”. As you excavate the mountains of your claim, you encounter many mysteries along the way as you mine and fight your way through various unique biomes.

Event Details

Event Start Date

September 24th

Event End Date

October 8th-10th

Total Prize Pool


Prize Pool Details

1st place: $400

2nd place: $200

3rd place: $100

4th place: $50

Remaining $750 via Random Draw of Tournament Participants

Quest 2 Gleam contest

Event Rules


Qualifiers/Score submission-September 23rd - October 5th

Finals October 8th - 10th depending on availability


  • Participants will submit in game recordings of their high score runs via a Google Form. 
  • Players must record their session from start to finish, and create an unlisted YouTube video which will be shared via the Google Form. They can do so here: Submission form
  • Players will be given two runs and the highest amount of money brought up from the mine will be considered for advancement to the next round.
  • Safes are allowed
  • Players will be given twenty minutes to complete each run. As there is no in game mechanism for timing this, utilization of an external timer is EXTREMELY recommended. Timer should begin upon entering the elevator to go down to mine, and should end when arriving at the surface. Time spent after arriving at the surface to deposit gems and other valuables mined will not be included in the overall timer. 
  • In order to open this up to as many players as possible, players are restricted to only submit runs from the mine initially available at the beginning of the game.
  • Players must show on camera their overall total or we will be unable to verify the amount collected. Additionally, runs must be recorded from start to finish in one unbroken video. It is preferable for both runs to be sent in one video, however if multiple submissions are required for any reason we will accept them.
  • Players must show coin totals before entering the mine, and after grinding up their gains to ensure accurate scoring.
  • The top four scorers will advance to a multiplayer session for the Finals.
  • VAL may determine certain start times and locations i.e. players must start at the loading area/title screen as the starting second.


  • The top 4 highest scoring players from the qualifying round will participate in a three run event with the same rules as the qualifiers .
  • Placement will be determined by whoever amasses the most gems in the allotted number of runs.
  • Finalists will submit the videos of their runs through a separate form that will be provided to them upon qualifying.
  • Finalists will have a discord scheduling group with VAL with a streaming time TBA.

VAL will organize a discord chat to coordinate the final round play session.

Signup through:

For any general guidelines and rules please feel free to review the following link:
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