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Duck, dodge & weave like Neo as you duel players & bots to rise to the top League with your loadout assembled from collected weapons in this competitive slow motion bullet-hell of endless skill & depth from Resolution Games.

Duel players in real-time from around the world.

Event Details

Event Start Date


Event End Date

09/11 or 09/12 (TBD)

Total Prize Pool


Prize Pool Details

Premiere Bracket Prizes ($1000)

1st place: $450 + bHaptics Vest

2nd place: $300

3rd place: $125

4th place: $75

5th-6th place: $25

Open Bracket Prizes ($325)

1st place: $150

2nd place: $75

3rd place: $50

4th place: $25 

Event Rules



  • Registration opens August 11th @ noon Pacific.
  • Signups close the 23rd
  • Brackets built from the 23rd to 25th
  • Premier and Open bracket starts the 28th
  • Schedule your matches with from the 28th to the 8th until the round of 8
  • Final 8 playoffs September 11th or 12th (TBA for exact time)

Signup through: and

Premier Bracket is Double Elimination - Players will need to be active and schedule their matches quickly.

Open Bracket is Single Elimination.

Bracket seeding is determined by rank number.  A snapshot of rank will be taken on August 23rd.  Expect exact details on how to communicate ELO via discord and with TO’s TBA.

The Blaston Premiere Bracket will consist of the top 64 players with the highest rank number  who register for the tournament.  For clarity, priority will be given to higher rank for building the official tournament bracket and seeding and only from those who have registered.

All matches until the round of 8 are best of 3. For example, this means that the round of 32 would be best of 3.

The Blaston Open Bracket will accommodate players of all skill levels and no bracket size ceiling.  A bracket ceiling may be put in place depending on total registrations.

If you qualify for the premier bracket, you can’t play in the open bracket.  TO’s will take and combine registrations from registrants to build final brackets. TO’s will sort out the entrants after all the signups have been closed.

*how can players schedule matches in challenger mode guide needed here:
Players must register on to register for the tournament (ranking on the leaderboards alone alone will not enter you into the tournament)

Player will be able to contact and schedule their matches in the tournament in the Challengermode chat

We encourage using additional methods such as Facebook contact your opponent, but only Challengermode messages will count and be official in case of disputes where the opponent does not show up. The opponent not showing up will result in a forfeit. VAL reserves the right to decide the forfeiting party.

Players may schedule their brackets through to the final 8. Once to the final 8 VAL will coordinate the final 8 of each bracket to schedule the final matches.  Players will need to be prepared to sync at the best times with all other players as this is synchronous.  

The finals will have different recording and other spectating rules TBD. In general, players should expect to have their matches broadcast and casted over.

Players in the EU may play players in the APAC region for instance.  VAL will make reasonable efforts to match players by region, but this is not guaranteed.  No region locks. 

Detailed Rules Summary

Code Of Conduct
All tournaments and matches must follow the official Resolution Games Code Of Conduct. This is to ensure that all players can feel safe and have fun while engaging in competition in games made by Resolution Games. You will find the Code of Conduct on the official
Blaston Discord.
Set Length

All tournament matches will be best-of-3 games, until winners, losers, and final 8 which will all be best-of-5 games.

Global or Region Locked

Global tournaments are open to anyone. Region locked tournaments are made solely for players who are playing in the boundaries of whichever continent/country the tournament has specified. If the tournament is region locked, any player found to be playing from a region outside of the region(s) allowed, can be disqualified from the tournament and banned from subsequent installations unless they relocate to that region.

Lag Dispute Procedure

This tournament also does its best to prevent lag in an online environment. To do so, there is a lag dispute procedure each player must follow in case they wish to dispute their opponent on the basis of game-altering lag.

  1. If you wish to dispute your opponent you must first complete your match.
  2. During your match you need to take any clip(s) of lag that occur to validify your claims and help the TO assist you to better understand what form of lag occured.
  3. Limit your dispute to wherever the TO tells you to discuss lag disputes. There you can post your clips, your speed test (as seen in the step after the next), and ping a TO who is helping to run the tournament and they will help direct you.
  4. Post your speed results that can be taken from the website
  5. TO assisting you has the right to either stick with the standings of your match or advance either player. All decisions are final.

Set Procedure
  1. Players select their loadouts.
  2. The player with the higher seed creates a Friendly Duel and sends the code.
  3. The players play the first game of the match.
  4. Players either rematch directly, or change their loadout. Changes to loadouts do not have to be announced to the opposing player.
  5. Player's re-enter the Friendly Duel and the next game is played.
  6. Repeat steps ‘IV’ through ‘V’ until the match is complete.


You will be immediately disqualified from the tournament if you are found hiding your identity to manipulate the bracket/seeding. The only exception to this rule is if the player notifies a TO prior to the registration end date.


Anyone who is not present for their match by 15 minutes past the scheduled start time is subject to a total disqualification from their match. Efforts to contact opponents are highly encourage in challengermode, official records to contact will be in the #blaston channel on the VAL discord to prove tardiness.


Players suspected of colluding may be immediately disqualified from the tournament. This includes intentionally throwing a game or committing any other form of bracket manipulation. 

Network Connection Interference

In the event that a connection with another player is lost and an interference occurs, a TO should be called to determine how to advance. If a resolution cannot be reached in a reasonable amount of time, the player who disconnected from the match is subject to forfeiting the round, game, or match at the TO’s discretion.

Final Rulings

If any unforeseen situations occur, judgment of Tournament Staff is final. Rules may be altered between phases of a tournament in the best interests of the event. (Example: A game breaking glitch that gives benefits to one player is discovered during a tournament. Thus, the stage may need to be removed from legal play for the remainder of the event.)

Game Rules

Game Settings
  • Friendly Duel (Ozo Lounge Duels are allowed if both players agree)
  • All weapons, and character skins are allowed.
  • Games are played as Best of 3 Rounds
  • Matches are played as best of 3 Games (until top 8)

Additional Rules

Offensive Gestures
No offensive or sexual gestures are to take place before, during, in-between or after matches by players. This is according to the Blaston Code of Conduct, and offenses will lead to immediate disqualification and can lead to bans depending on the severity of the breach of the CoC.

Social Gestures
Players are encouraged to show sportsmanship before, during, in-between and matches. However, this does not mean players are required to engage in social gestures such as high fives, and fistbumps. If a high five or fist bump is offered but not received, it is not considered a breach of rules.

Furniture Usage or ‘Boosting’
Players are not allowed to use any type of platform, furniture or equipment to raise themselves from the in-game platform in an unnatural way. This is to maintain competitive integrity, but also to prevent players from sustaining injuries to themselves when playing Blaston.

Excessive Recentering
Players are not allowed to recenter themselves excessively during active rounds.

Spectating matches by other players is allowed as long as both players allow it. Spectators are allowed to clap while spectating. Matches will not be replayed if a spectator is disturbing the match with clapping. Any match can be spectated by a TO, to make sure that players are following the rules.

Voice Chat
No player is forced to use Voice Chat before, during, in-between or after matches. If a player asks the opponent to use voice chat but it is rejected - it shouldn’t be questioned.


Round: One in-game round that has a 2 minute time limit.

Game: One set of best of 3 Rounds.

Match: One set of best of 3 or 5 Games.

Tournament Organizer (TO): An administrator organizing the tournament.


  • Compete in the Summer Games “Fitness Circuit”
  • Fitness Circuit workouts start the 21st, more details to come.
  • Submit screenshots of workouts for additional gleam entries as well.
  • YUR app can collect and coordinate points.
  • Complete the total fitness circuit from the games from Synth Riders, Creed: Rise to Glory, VRworkout, Gym Masters, Blaston, In Da Hoop, Vzfit, Player 22 for the most points.

Additional Rules continued

  • VAL admins will collect registrations and then release brackets.
  • Byes may be possible
  • Players must report results of their matches via challengermode.  Screenshots and recordings are highly recommended.  If players provide both in game names, VAL admins can work with Blaston admins to verify, however this is not guaranteed.  VAL may provide a Google form link for screenshots at a later date in the VAL Discord. Disputed matches are up to TO’s to determine final calls.
  • Video recording of matches is highly recommended.  VAL reserves the right to enforce reschedules or other competitive rules due to crashes, etc or require video recording.
  • If connection or other problems on behalf of a player causes crashes, players who are having connectivity problems will have up to 90 minutes to reschedule their matches.  Players who cannot fix connectivity or other tech issues will most likely be disqualified by VAL admins. For this reason, it is advised to stream, record, or otherwise document all matches.
  • If in a best of 3 match, the 1st match is played to completion, but the 2nd match crashes for instance, the results of the first round will hold.
  • Players found to be abusing or otherwise disconnecting often may be disqualified.
  • Players should prepare for tech tests with VAL admins to verify home setups in the finals.

For any general guidelines and rules please feel free to review the following link:

Terms & Service Payment dates deadlines, code of conduct